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AdScreenTower – Digital outdoor advertising for big events

Spectacular advertising for event areas and public places

The AdScreenTower is our update of the advertising pillar: Four bright and high-contrast screens present your advertising message with captivating (moving) images. They are embedded in an advertising pillar that is 100% customizable, which guarantees additional advertising space.

Advertising pillars have been an integral element of outdoor advertising for over 150 years. Based on their size and the relatively manageable space requirements alone, they have been a firm component in the out-of-home communication of advertising messages.

Upgrade your outdoor advertising
Discover the advantages of the AdScreenTower for digital outdoor advertising at large events like festivals or in public spaces. You can find further information on the AdScreenTower at



You would like to use the AdScreenTower to generate full attention on your next event? Contact us today - we will be happy to assist you: info [at] gundlach-seen [dot] com