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Communication Butler – Work more efficiently with individual user interfaces

How you can make your digital signage software even easier to use

As important as the selection of the right digital signage solution is for your success is how important a well-designed user interface is for its operation. The communication butler we have developed is based on the specifications that we continue to get from our customers: a better general overview and a simpler workflow for all users.

Uniform appearance
If your company has a high degree of IT/software diversity, it is particularly important to consider utilizing your own user interface. The communication butler access the various fundamental structures of individual software solutions and integrates them into an always consistent layout.

Freely configurable modules
You decide what to depict. Our modular system already consists of many freely configurable modules (switch-on times, media library, tutorials, release system, acceptance system, news, …) and can be further expanded with the functions you desire.

Perfectly designed for your requirements
The uniform layout and the possibility of preparing exactly those functions which are required for your company’s processes result in an unbeatable overview and a simple operation across the entire software landscape which ensures a greatly increased identification with the software among the users.

Find out about the additional benefits offered by the communication butler now. We are glad to make time for you. info [at] gundlach-seen [dot] com