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Digital employee communication

Digital signage opens up new possibilities for successful employee communication

Well-informed employees are more committed. Improved knowledge management by means of attractively presented and easily accessible information increases their involvement and motivation.

Get higher coverage
Conventional channels of employee communication such as magazines or the Intranet are subject to a great spreading loss by now. With skillful local placements in lounges or at central waypoints, you can reach a higher share of your workforce. Particularly in production businesses which often do not have workplaces with screens, this opens up a possibility of truly providing up-to-date information to all employees. Numerous display variations enable adjustments to all spatial conditions.

Easy and central control
Key values and globally applicable information can be centrally updated and controlled in simple work processes, to then be displayed across all company locations in a matter of seconds. However, a digital signage system also offers an ideal platform for employee communication regarding location-specific information. You can easily control which contents are shown when and where.

Contemporary design options
A variety of different display formats guarantees content design that is optimally customized for the specific communication goals. Use the possibilities!

Do you want to reach your employees and utilize all of the benefits of digital employee communication? Contact us and profit from our longstanding experience. We would be glad to advise you.

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