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Floor reference – Show everyone how to proceed

Greater benefit to your business with digital floor references

Traditional floor references offer a quick overview to new visitors and result in increased customer satisfaction. You could actually be content with that. Or you simply take the next step and create real added value for your business with digital floor references!

If a visitor is familiar with your premises, static floor references are usually just one thing: ignored. They offer not benefit to the customer and don’t add to your business.

Utilize floor references as intelligent presentation surfaces
With attractively designed displays, you can use digital floor references to promote your offers. Guide customers to specific campaign spaces or promote the offers of your in-house restaurant – there are many options.

We develop the optimal concept for each application scenario
Our experienced employees work with you to find the optimal solution for your specific scenario. This way you can be certain to get a guiding system that is efficient enough to show your company in the best light.

Would you like competent advice or do you already have a concrete idea? Contact us – we are happy to share our expertise with you.

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