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Omnichannel – Digital signage solutions as a bridge to stationary trade

The digitization of the customer worlds is in full swing

The commercial landscape has changed drastically with advancing digitization. The (mobile) Internet has opened up numerous new paths for retail transactions. Nonetheless, many customers still prefer to buy in a brick-and-mortar store after they have informed themselves online. Retail must increasingly react to the changed requirements of a technology-savvy customer base to guide them to the stores during the transition of digital platforms – without losing them to the competition. “Omnichannel” is a word on everybody’s lips.

Digital signage enables you to adapt the customers’ experience at the POS to the digital experiences and realize a consistent communication concept. Harmoniously integrated into your store concept, individual displays, video walls and in-store TV continue the familiar customer approach and simplify the transition from the virtual to the physical commercial landscape.

Increasing sales
Digital displays can also be used for personalized customer approaches. This might utilize such aspects as the buying histories or interests of the individual customers which are accessed via business analytics tools. This way every customer receives buying incentives that are personalized for him or her.

Don’t hesitate to implement a digital signage strategy for your shops
Consistent and smooth communication with the customers across all channels is the key to establish loyal customers which will continue to generate sales in the future.

This goal can only be attained when you can bridge your digital and physical market presence. With our experience, we help you select and implement the right digital signage solutions for this task.

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