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Communication is our business. Consistency is our goal. Confidence is our concern. Flexibility is our strength. Quality is our byword. - Credo of the Gundlach Group -

The family-owned and managed company was established by Ernst-Ludwig Gundlach in 1847 as a bookbinding business: one that has changed repeatedly with markets and technologies in over 165 years. Throughout, we have respected tradition and pushed for innovation – and with all speed, by responding promptly with investment and restructuring when the market requires it and when it is deemed necessary and makes good sense for our customers.

Gundlach SEEN MEDIA - Kreis der SpezialistenThe Gundlach Group concentrates on its core businesses of packaging & printing, publishing and process intelligence. We have realised the potential of market leadership in attractive niche markets in both areas and have therefore remained true to our strategy of specialisation as a specialist supplier of top quality packaging, labels, Point of Sale displays, posters and general printed goods and – in terms of the publishing sector – as the publisher of 16 well-known specialist magazines.

The companies in the Gundlach Group supply tailor-made solutions to customers in a wide range of industries throughout Europe. And all with our personalised expert support, state-of-the-art technical standards and expertise hewn from experience.

The maxim we apply here is: as much human input as possible and as much technology as necessary. It’s an approach that is valued by employees at Gundlach companies. Working at Gundlach means operating in a special environment with enthusiasm and fun that fosters a commitment to and identification with the company for both young and old.